Search Engines Provide Great Opportunities for Growing Businesses

Search engines

Today, the search engine industry is worth roughly $16 billion and, according to online retailers and service providers, nearly 40 percent of all customers arrive from search. Because that, businesses who want to set themselves apart from the competition would be wise to try to take advantage of the power of search engines. Perhaps the best way to do this is to design and execute a strong search engine optimization plan. Doing so can help businesses harness the power of search engines in order to increase their site traffic and attract lots of new customers.

Taking advantage of search engines can be very beneficial to businesses who are trying to expand their customer base. Since SEO leads close at a 14.6 percent rate, and outbound leads, like direct mail or print advertising, close at just 1.7 percent , a strong SEO plan can be an integral and very effective part of an online marketing campaign. On top of that, nearly three quarters of those who use search engines say that they prefer to avoid paid advertisements, and only click on organic links. This means that using SEO to improve rankings on search engines is important for businesses looking to build a more dynamic web presence.

Although using SEO to improve the presence on search engines is a valuable strategy for businesses, it is not the only one they should use for their internet marketing campaign. Nowadays, brick and mortar stores face an unprecedented challenge from online retailers because increased online connectivity through mobile devices like tablets and smartphones means that consumers are more informed than ever. Because of that, companies might want to build a strong new web site that is optimized for mobile use. This can work well to attract potential customers who use search engines to find the products they need while on the go.

While some businesses are fortunate enough to have all of the resources and employees necessary to do their SEO work in house, others will find that they best option for them is working with resellers. Because they are comprised of talented and experienced individuals, firms who resell seo will know the best ways to attract new customers by using search engines. Although they might not be right for everyone, the skills and services that resellers provide can make them a valuable asset to any business looking to gain traction in the competitive business environment of today.

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