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Around 70 percent of people who use search engines only click on organic links on their search results in major search engines. Search engine optimization is important because it’s used to produce an average close rate of 14.6 percent. Outbound leads, on the hand, only produce an average close rate of 1.7 percent. Resellers using white label SEO programs are taking advantage of the demands website owners create for search engine optimization. Increasing online sales is achieved by outsourcing SEO. Search engine optimization is the foundation for internet marketing, and white label SEO programs offer resellers the ability to earn additional income.

A significant amount of people take the time to research products online before buying. In fact, almost 90 percent of internet users who are ages 14 or over do product research during 2012. A significant amount of internet marketers and affiliate marketers use product review sites to gain commission. In addition to search engine optimization, social media marketing is also just as important. Around 90 percent of adults spend a significant amount of time using social media sites. Some white label SEO programs offer social media marketing services. Tracking the number of fans and followers of a social media profile is important.

Studies show that around 94 percent of social media marketers spend time tracking fans and followers for marketing purposes. What of the main advantages of white label SEO programs are the branding options that are provided. Marketing firms make it possible for resellers to remain anonymous by offering branding opportunities. Resellers can use their own business name and logo on the search engine optimization services they promote for marketing firms. Reading reviews online is a great way to identify the best white label SEO programs. More information about white label SEO programs can be found in marketing forums.

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