3 of the Best Tips for SEOs for 2016

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Did you know that search is the number one driver of traffic to content sites? This outpaces even social media. It’s no surprise that SEO — search engine optimization — is a field that continues to attract numerous qualified individuals.

That said, it’s not a field where you can do anything you like and reel in the cash. To be a great SEO reseller, you need to provide a great product to your clients and make sure that you’re delivering what they need. In many cases, clients are small businesses with limited budgets that can’t afford to gamble $1,000 on SEO that doesn’t generate a single lead.

Are you hoping to be an SEO consultant? Join the club, and check out this list of best tips for SEOs.

1. Know Your Stats

When it comes to getting clients, you have to remember — a lot of them have little to no experience with SEO or really know what it’s about. That’s why they come to you. It can help them see the bigger picture if you have stats and facts to back up why exactly you provide a valuable service. Let them know, for example, that over 100 billion searches are conducted each month in the world, or that 75% of users will never scroll past the first page of results — so getting there, instead of page 3, really matters for lead generation. No list of best tips for SEOs would be complete without letting you know how important it is to get informed.

2. Learn the SEO Trade

Yes, like most SEO consultants, you’re going to be working with an SEO reseller that handles the nitty gritty of link generation and content creation for you, while you handle the relationship with the end customer. However, it’s important that you take the time to actually know the ins and outs of the SEO trade. This is essential not only for communicating what’s going on to your client, but also making sure that you’re understanding your reseller company. If they tell you that an update to Google penguin is rolling out — do you really know what that means? If they say they’re working on a new project for domain authority — what will you tell your client? Etc.

3. Always Opt for Great White Label SEO Resellers

If your reseller company isn’t very careful about maintaining white label status, your clients are going to notice that there are two different companies working together, and they’re going to feel misled even if the services you’re providing are top notch. Look for companies with great software systems that don’t allow small details to fall through the cracks.

Is there anything you would add to a list of best tips for SEOs?

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