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Resellers Understand the Changing Online World

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Resellers lead the charge for improving how companies get found online. Those hosting online marketing solutions and those who outsource seo to reliable companies are getting a leg up on the rest of the business world because they know this is the new way of getting business done. They skip the part about learning a new concept and instead resell it so someone else can do it.

Resellers know that 93 percent of people who use the Internet use major search engine sites to find results. They are aware that 39 percent of customers come directly from searching this way, according to research conducted by online service providers and retailers. And they know that 30 percent of commercial enterprises outsource social media marketing or at least part of it, an increase of 2 percent from 2011. Resellers resell SEO for this express purpose: to answer the call, to respond to the need and to get clients the business they deserve.

SEO companies know all of this and more, like the statistic that there is a 14.6 percent close rate for SEO leads. For a healthy comparison, outbound leads that come from traditional sources like print advertising and direct mail have a 1.7 percent close rate. SEO businesses understand how the Internet works and how people search. More importantly, they constantly re evaluate themselves to keep up with the big search engines and are broadening their reaches into the smartphone world too, where 64 percent of users shop online through their phones.

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